Intermediate Lighting Seminars


The Puget Sound Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society will be offering the  Intermediate Lighting Seminars this fall. This is a NEW series of seminars developed by IES National and presented by a prominent group of lighting professionals. These seminars replace the outdated ED 150 classes. The course will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8pm. 

The Class Schedule for the 2016 series was as follows:

Seminar # Date Curriculum Instructor  Location 
Seminar 1 Tuesday, Sept. 20th Lighting Maintenance Julie Allen, Sazan Group Lighting Design Lab
  Thursday, Sept. 22nd No Class    
Seminar 3 Tuesday, Sept. 27th Lighting Calculations Kevin Fray Lighting Design Lab
Seminar 4 Thursday, Sept. 29th      Lighting Controls Dan Salinas, Salinas Lighting Consult Lighting Design Lab     
Seminar 5 Tuesday, Oct. 4th Lighting Economics Kurt Nielsen Lighting Design Lab
Seminar 6 Thursday, Oct. 6th Daylighting Chris Meek, Bullitt Foundation Integrated Design Lab
Seminar 7 Tuesday, Oct. 11th Light and Health Lauren McLeod, Candela Lighting Design Lab
Seminar 8 Thursday, Oct. 13th Electricity for Lighting Bruce Colony, AEI Lighting Design Lab
Seminar 9 Tuesday, Oct. 18th Vision and Color Mikki Kiger, Glumac Lighting Design Lab
Seminar 10 Thursday, Oct. 20th Luminaires and Optics   CJ Brockway, Luma Lighting Design Lab  
Seminar 11 Tuesday, Oct. 25th Light Sources Jeff Kramer, Philips Lighting Design Lab
Seminar 12    
Thursday, Oct 27th Design Process Shaun Darragh, Luma Lighting Design Lab
Seminar 2* Thursday, Nov 1st Codes and Standards Alison Fiedler Lighting Design Lab
*Moved based on scheduling conflict


Cost for the entire course is $400 for members and $450 for non-members. To register for the entire course, please visit the Intermediate Lighting Course Registration Page.

Cost for individual seminars is $75 each. To register for individual modules, please visit the Intermediate Lighting Individual Seminar Registration Page, and email Richard Spry with the modules you would like to attend.

Cost for the course includes the study guide, and snack breaks. The study guides will be made available prior to the first day of class.

The class size is limited, and offered on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information, call Richard Spry at 206-445-1053, or email

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