2017 IES Puget Sound Scavenger Hunt & Fundraiser Team Registration

2017 IES Puget Sound Scavenger Hunt & Fundraiser Team Registration
Support the Gloria Leonidas Scholarship Fund by participating in the 4th Annual Scavenger Hunt. Rally a group of up to four on a team and you are on your way to an afternoon of fun, exploring & socializing. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team as well as the best team photo. 

Cost to Register a team of 4 - $100.  Do not worry about which registration option you choose (Member, Non member, Student). All costs are the same. SELECT 1 TICKET PER TEAM.

If you would like to register as a single participant, please email the Event Coordinator.

Registration begins at 5:00pm when your team receives the clues and can start strategizing on how to find the most of them. From 5-6:30, you will also be able to purchase additional clues to help you find as many items as possible, so be sure to arrive as early as possible. All of the proceeds from the sale of clues will go toward the scholarship fund.

The Hunt begins at 6:30.... your team will have one hour to complete as many clues as possible.  
Starting at 7:30 the judging will wrap up and the prizes will go to the victorious teams!
1st place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Best Team picture!

For questions, contact the EVENT COORDINATOR: Lauren MacLeod, Email: lauren.macleod@stantec.com  Ph:  206 224-3649 .
1501 E Madison St
Seattle (Washington) 98122
Luma Lighting Design
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5:30 pm
$ 100.00
Cost for members:
$ 100.00
Cost for students:
$ 100.00
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